Annual report 2017

Message from the Governor

Promoting sustainable, inclusive growth continues to inform our strategy and drive our activities. This, combined with our unfailing resolve to strengthen social cohesion in our member countries, and backed by our strong partnerships and the support of our shareholders, will enable us to weather the challenges lying ahead and continue to fulfil our social mission.

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Key figures

€3.9 billion
projects approved
€13.8 billion
loans outstanding
€112 million
net profit
€3 billion
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Project financing

Innovative financing

Financing for social impact

In order to maximise the Bank’s contribution to strengthening social cohesion in its member countries, the CEB finances bankable projects through a range of financing instruments that allow flexibility to its borrowers and best address their needs. In 2017, the CEB piloted the Cross-Sectoral Loan (CSL) and launched its first social inclusion bond.

Social inclusion bond

CEB’s first social inclusion bond creates an innovative new way for the Bank to finance its projects. The launch has enabled the CEB to demonstrate its leading role in the social bond market, with plans to issue a social inclusion bond on an annual basis.


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The CEB uses funds raised from donors to support projects for the benefit of vulnerable groups and disadvantaged regions. Donor funds act as a catalyst and enable the Bank to increase its impact.

In 2017, the CEB raised a record €114 million from donors, a clear sign of support for the Bank’s social mandate from the international community. Most of the funds will go towards assistance to migrants and refugees, which is a priority mission for the CEB.

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CEB and Corporate social responsibility

A distinctive bank

Council of Europe

41 member states

A responsible institution
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